Work with me


Few years ago, I became a mom & decided to start my own business working from home.


My goal was to get more Freedom.

More time with my daughters. Be location independent.

AND not have a boss that dictates what I should do or how much I earn.


The issue? 


👎 I struggled as a mom because I thought I was not present enough

👎 I struggled in my business because I didn’t get the results I wanted

➡️ As a result, I felt isolated, guilty, angry and resentful. AND lots of shame for ignoring my needs and not reaching my goals personally or professionally.


Then, I got enough.

It was time to take responsibility for the results I got in my life & business.

I quickly realized I was the one creating my results.

Not the circumstances thrown at me (like being a mother and having a limited amount of time for myself and my business). So I hired a Life Coach, fell in love with the process, and quickly got my own certification as a Life Coach!


That’s why today I’m really passionate about making sure

that no Mom is denying her dreams.

Because she feels overwhelmed or frustrated

by the weight of motherhood.



Let’s go, I’m ready!

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